Dr. Linda Ambrosie has a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a specialization in accounting, finance, and tourism from the University of Calgary, Canada. Her Master's degree is in International Business from the University of Paris IX Dauphine, France. She researches social and environmental sustainability, as well as tourism taxation especially tax avoidance and evasion, public sector policies, and governance in tourism destinations. In 2015, she published a book on tourism, tax evasion, and public sector governance that highlights the complex financial structures designed by international groups to remove profits from destinations where tourism companies create value. An update is being published in 2022 at the invitation of the Colegio de Jalisco as part of a book edited on tourism policy in Mexico. In this recent investigation, Dr. Ambrosie demonstrates the excessive construction on the north coast of Quintana Roo, the few taxes that are collected especially when compared to the social consequences, and the enormous environmental damage that is being generated without significant resources devoted to repairing them.
Irene N. Lane is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in sustainable tourism with 20 years of experience in business process improvement, sustainable tourism, return on investment (ROI) models, and community development tactics for tourism boards and individual businesses. In addition to writing for the Huffington Post, among other media outlets, and speaking on ecotourism at the George Washington University, the Adventure Travel Trade Association, and the US Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, she is the only person in the United States who can certify a green travel destination, accommodation, or event under the internationally-accredited Biosphere label. Irene has managed global information technology projects for eBay and KPMG. She was the founder of Greenloons, a digital ecotourism resource that inspired families to travel in ways that benefit communities socially and economically as well as ensure a more sustainable planet.

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